India tattooed my eyebrows a month ago, I’ve purposely waited until they’ve healed to write my review. My original brows were very blonde & also sparse from over plucking. I’ve always been happy to go out without any makeup on apart from pencilling my brows. From the initial consultation India was extremely professional & informative about all aspects of the procedure including the pigments used. India spent an hour measuring & drawing my new brows, she listened to my preferences & ensured I was totally happy with the shape before tattooing. Initially my brows were darker than the pigments used, it took three weeks before my brows were fully healed & the true colour came through. Family & friends who didn’t know I was having the treatment, haven’t noticed the change & I’ve received many compliments from those that were aware. I’m extremely happy with the natural result, it takes me less time to do my makeup now. I’m very much looking forward to not having to pencil in my brows on my wedding day. Thanks again India. X