A Chemical Peel is a skin-resurfacing treatment which transforms the skin in a non-invasive way – for visible and remarkable results. The name can sound slightly daunting to some, but our range of peels are a very gentle and non-invasive treatment – with little to no downtime. 

We use a Glycolic, Mandelic, Lactic or Salicylic Acid solution to gently stimulate faster exfoliation of the top layers of skin – so that newer, healthier skin cells can resurface. In the process, improving the appearance of your overall complexion and eliminating hyperpigmentation, blackheads, blemishes, scars and other imperfections!

Your skin will naturally produce more healthy collagen and elastin (which is lost as we age) – resulting in fewer signs of ageing, lines and wrinkles. Peels are also brilliant for balancing sebum – which will prevent spots from occurring. 

To really regenerate your skin we recommend a course of 6 treatments. Whilst a one-off appointment will still provide a host of visible benefits to your skin – a course of regular treatments every 2 weeks will provide optimum results.

Mandelic Acid Peel

Mandelic Acid Peel

For: Rosacea / Discoloration / Hyperpigmentation / Scarring / Acne and Hyper-Reactive skin

Stimulating collagen and elastin production for a totally regenerated, smoother and brighter skin tone.


Glycolic Acid Peel

Glycolic Acid Peel

For: Acne / Scarring / Mild Hyper-pigmentation / Skin Tone Enhancing

Stimulating production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, producing a moisturizing effect for better depth and elasticity to the skin. Lightly exfoliating, regenerating and firming action, increasing moisture levels. Skin becomes more vital, bright with an even tone and is fully receptive to the penetration of following active ingredients / treatments.

Salicylic Acid Peel

Salicylic Acid Peel

For: Acne/black heads

Used for its sebum regulating properties, perfect for treating acne and seborrheic skin. Acts on comedones and blackheads by freeing them from keratin plugs that cause inflammation and dilation of the pores. An excellent peel choice for the renewal of the epidermal layers when the skin appears dull, thickened and uneven.


Lactic Acid Peel

Lactic Acid will help improve your skin’s natural moisture factor – directly improving the way the skin keeps itself hydrated, whilst naturally stimulating the natural cell regeneration to improve the breakouts, scarring, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. 


It is imperative that you follow all pre and post treatment advice to ensure the health of your skin and increase the success of your treatment. If you have any questions about any of the following information – please don’t hesitate to ask your practitioner or call the clinic on 01424 730999. 

Pre-Treatment Advice: 

  • Avoid the following treatments for 2 weeks prior to your Chemical Peel treatment: Electrolysis, Waxing, Depilatory Creams and Laser Hair Removal.
  • Stop using AHA, BHA and Benzoyl Peroxide products 1 week prior to your Chemical Peel treatment. 
  • 24 Hours before your appointment avoid any exfoliating products that may be drying or irritating.
  • On the day of your treatment – cleanse, moisturise and apply SPF to your skin as usual in the morning. Do not apply heavy makeup on the face. 
  • It is imperative that you avoid sunbeds and regularly apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least factor 30 to protect your skin from direct UV/sun exposure. If you fail to protect your skin from sun exposure, you will be at risk of uneven pigmentation and sunburn.
  • If you are going out in the sun for the first 2 weeks post treatment, you must keep your treated area in the shade where possible. We recommend wearing a baseball cap or sunhat. If you are hypersensitive to the sun, you should take extra precautions to guard against exposure.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching the treated area or applying skincare products and avoid touching your skin excessively. 
  • Please avoid strenuous exercise and excessive heat for 48 hours after your treatment – this includes; hot baths, swimming pools, saunas and spa environments. 
  • Do not apply makeup for at least 24 – 48 hours. If you wish to apply makeup after this period – we recommend applying it with clean hands. If you are going to use makeup brushes or sponges – you MUST ensure they are thoroughly cleaned before each use and are replaced regularly.
  • Be mindful to avoid anything which may cause infection – do not allow pets to lick your face, ensure glasses/sunglasses are cleaned regularly and change your bedding/towels on the day of treatment.
  • Your skin may be more sensitive post treatment, to help avoid any adverse reactions you must only apply products recommended and for the timescale recommended by your practitioner.
  • When washing your face, do not scrub. Use a gentle cleanser designed for sensitive skins. Apply a light moisturiser as often as needed to relieve dryness/tightness and stay well hydrated by drinking the recommended amount of water each day.
  • For 3 days post treatment avoid perfume, perfumed cosmetics, perfumed skincare products and any BHA or AHA products on the treated area.
  • You may experience some peeling or exfoliation – do not pick or pull the skin. You may use a moisturiser recommended by your practitioner. 
  • Please wait at least one week after your treatment before having any other facial treatments and do not have any injectable treatments in the area treated for at least two weeks after your treatment. 
  • For best results you should use the recommended skin care products between treatments. A course of treatments is needed to provide optimal long-term results with a 2 week interval in between each session.