Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement 

The eyes are one of the most expressive features and a focal point on your face, and with Permanent Makeup created by India Gabrielle, the UK’s Best Permanent Eyeliner Artist – you can enhance their natural beauty with a perfectly symmetrical, smudge-free look. 

From subtle to dramatic – whatever kind of look you are hoping to achieve India offers a range of techniques which she can tailor to your individual eye shape and colour. Only ever using the finest quality, medical grade mineral pigments which are hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

Eyeliner is custom blended to complement your eye colour and complexion. For a bolder, more defined line you can opt for dramatic shades and shaping such as Latina, Velvet Liner or Russian Shading. 

If you want to subtly enhance your eyelashes to appear thicker and fuller – an Eyelash Enhancement will subtly create the illusion of a thick row of lashes, by implanting pigment through the lash line. This procedure also helps to improve the appearance of light-colored or missing eyelashes. 

Perfect for:

  • Anyone wishing to add definition to the eyes
  • Sensitivities to makeup
  • Anyone who has difficulty applying eyeliner
  • Contact lens wearers
  • Emphasising eye colours

To arrange a personal consultation

Phone: 07415230281
Email: info@indiagabrielle.co.uk