Created for you in a bespoke pigment blend that suits your individual skin tone, eye colour and natural hair colour, India Gabrielle creates brows that will enhance and define your eyes and face shape – for an age-defying, rejuvenating effect.

When you arrive for your treatment, India always allows time for a thorough consultation where you will discuss what you want to achieve. She will take measurements of your individual face shape before drawing your brows with a pencil first. You will have a mirror and be able to guide her as to whether you want them thicker or thinner etc – working together to create a shape that you both love.

Ideal for any woman who wants to look her best at all times and to enhance her natural appearance, whether she naturally has hair or none at all.

3D Hairstroke Brows. Also known as 3D Hair by Hair / Digital Microblading: For a natural, well groomed look. India draws individual hairs into the skin, weaving microscopic simulated hair strokes in a bespoke, high quality pigment blend, to create brows that lift and define your eyes.

Ombre’ Brows. Also known as Balayage / Powder / Shaded: These look quite bold on the day of treatment but heal to a soft powdered effect – India’s technique is subtle, looks like an HD Brow – but lasts a lot longer.

Combination Brows: For those clients who want the best of both techniques – a combination of Ombre’ powdered and Hair strokes.

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