I am completely made up with my results after having Botox injections – by India Gabrielle – to treat Hyperhidrosis (sweating) in my underarms 💉

As always – India was a true professional throughout and made me feel totally relaxed and at ease 💕 Thanks to her gentle touch (and numbing cream of course) I didn’t even realise when she had started injecting me – I couldn’t feel a thing!!🤯 I also didn’t notice any discomfort or side effects in the days following my treatment 🙌

I left with clear aftercare instructions – part of this was to avoid wearing antiperspirant for the first couple of days post treatment… even though it was only a couple of days – my first thoughts were how can I possibly go without?! But now I can honestly say that I don’t even need to apply it at all anymore (let alone multiple times a day, as I was previously doing) – which is something I never thought I would say and a testament to how effective this treatment really is!

My results started to become noticeable after 7 days, but by day 10 my underarms were completely dry ALLLLLL day! I can honestly say the treatment was 100 percent effective and I now feel so much more confident going into the summer months. Thank you so much India 🙏😘