I was initially just out for a stroll and a coffee and I happened upon India Gabrielle. I had already been thinking about having my eyebrows looked at (I missed the queue for mine!) and also my eyelashes enhanced.

Upon walking into the India Gabrielle Studio, I was immediately impressed by the feel and atmosphere of the place. I was greeted warmly by Megan and we had a relaxed and informed conversation about the type of treatments available. I was then introduced to India who came across as friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

Megan kept me updated in the run up to my appointment which I found to be both informative and reassuring.

On the day, my treatment started at 10am, first on my eyelids and then literally before I knew it, it was 1:40pm in the afternoon. It felt like just a few hours and not nearly four, the time had just flown by! We then had some snacks and then treatment was carried out on my eyebrows, with some work carried out to my face.

Any feelings of being nervous or apprehensive, were most certainly diminished from the outset and also, by the warm welcome that waited for me upon arrival for my treatment and also the delightful ambience, conversation and experience throughout my treatment.

I would not hesitate to recommend India Gabrielle to any person, and particularly from a male perspective, to any man who may just be interested in having some work done, but not quite sure – I would say, go for it, the results of which, I am very satisfied with and do speak for themselves.